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Why Transitioning an Employee is as Important as Hiring One

Organizations need to place the same value and focus on their employee exit strategy as typically found in hiring and onboarding. The days of employees staying for years with an employer are gone, the misconception that once an employee has submitted their resignation or has been put on a transition list that they no longer have value, most employers rush the process because it requires difficult conversations and emotions.

What is forgotten is the remaining employees watch how you handle those transitions, how you treat someone after they announce their transition, and employee leaving impacts more than your business, it impacts your team. People are emotional creatures and relations are cultivated, to disregard this can lead to disaster. Most employers don't intentionally handle employee transitions poorly, they aren't prepared to handle everything that happens before and after, the focus is on the action and process of separating from an employee.

In today's world not only do employers need to reduce risk of lawsuits, but disgruntled former and current employees, brand damage (social media can cause a lot of damage in a short amount of time) and most importantly, your company culture. Transitioning an employee is always difficult, but done properly with professionalism, respect and consideration for all of the what if's is an essential part of your business.

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